Movilok have developed research projects that cover various areas, but with one common denominator ... safety.

Innovation areas:

  • Speech recognition runs locally on the device and voice interface
  • Encryption and security of mobile communications
  • Multi-factor and multi-modal authentication
  • New mechanisms of authentication using the mobile phone
  • Telcodev


Integrated Development Environment for convergent Telco Services and Components

TelcoDev project aims to develop various basic tools that help to developers to create converged services (Web and Telco), using network and business components reusable. Movilok is part of the consortium involved in the project.

Consortium: Germinus XXI, Mantica Solutions, Movilok, Telenium and UPM.

The project has received co-financing from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the under its National Spanish Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation. The grant is part of the aid program "Plan Avanza 2" (call 2010-2011).